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Archer season 7


10 episodes

TV series Archer season 7 download

Archer season 7 is an adult animated series started in 2010 and renewed for the seventh season already. The series is based on its creator’s inspiration when he found himself unable to approach one attractive woman and invented a spy who would have an ideal concept. This spy is Sterling Archer, who works in the International Secret Intelligence Service and deals with espionage. His domineering mother is a boss, while he has to work with his ex-girlfriend and several co-workers. Due to anachronistic time the creators mixed technologies, historical background and styles featuring different countries and events. Previously serving during World War I and II, the season 6 surprised with appearing of modern technologies. Archer is a story of dangerous secret agent enjoying his jet-setting lifestyle.

  • Original title: Archer
  • Cast: H.Jon Benjamin, Judy Grer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnel
  • Genres: Animation, Action, Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Premiere date: 2016
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 22 min

It is easy, fun, interesting and sometimes, when it puts in a mood with chic panache - the perfect desifh for lunch breaks at work, for example.

The main problem is in the fact that the writers began to end with the story lines for the main plot. I think most would agree that after the espionage activities, sale of cocaine and work for the CIA ... Detective Agency - is not what we expected. In addition, it has become somewhat less really funny scenes and so on. N.

However, due to pass-through the story with the actress and two story arcs «Bel Panto» and «Deadly Velvet», look still interesting. The main advantages without spoilers reveal does not work, but the season finale pleasantly surprised me. Of course, the reception bit sneaky and battered, but ... he's working, and I'm damn forward to the sequel!

7 out of 10

P.S. strongly encouraged to review the promotional video of the seventh season in which Archer overlooks the entire series of James Bond films.
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Archer season 7
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