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Person of Interest (season 2)


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Person of Interest tv series (season 2) download 

The plot:

Mr. Finch - a mysterious billionaire who developed the computer program that predicts future victims. Finch hires Riza - a former CIA agent, prospectively, of the dead, to help stop these crimes, using Finch`s resources and  technique, and skills and knowledge of  Reese.

Modern viewers are difficult  to be surprised. Perhaps it happened because of the creativity of Nolan family. These brothers do create real cinema. In their films the viewer sits entranced, trying to solve the next puzzle and leaving the room in a light stupor, realizing that the meaning of the story is much deeper than he could imagine. Now, one of the brothers switched to the series. And I must say it is not for nothing did. The creators of the series have created something new. Previously, all we are looking for the killer after committing the crime. Now everything is different. Thanks to an ingenious machine mysterious Mr. Finch, the villain had only to consider a plan of action, and the person concerned had already stopped. As in any modern series, there is not only the history of one series, but the story lines, passing from the series in the series, at the same time opening the essence of the main characters on the other hand, showing their past and explaining their connection to the present. Whatever the audience or miss, sometimes oversaturated series, let's call them, action-scenes. Sometimes it becomes even funny, but a replica of the main characters make only smile even when watching another battle Riza Superman. In this series it is very difficult to determine where the killer, where the victim, and where possible both. Nolan, though trying to confuse the viewer, but still delivers the story in a more accessible form than is usual to see in his feature films. So far in the series only 2 seasons, but he has a great future. In general, this is a great show, and I put it on a par with my favorite TV shows such as The Mentalist, Sherlock, Lie to Me.

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Person of Interest (season 2)
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