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Jekyll and Hyde (season 1)


10 episodes

TV series Jekyll and Hyde (season 1) download

Download Jekyll and Hyde (season 1) series in Single Click. The action of the show moved in 1930 and the plot will revolve around a grandson of Henry Jekyll Robert, who discover his true nature, their family curse, skillfully hided by his adoptive father with the help of medication.
Over ten episodes, Robert Jekyll will of all the forces trying to come to terms with his alter ego Hyde, whose incredible skills are destructive. At the same time there are dark forces trying to find the source of these abilities.

Secret Service, the secret societies, the monsters of all kinds, femmes fatales and mysteries of the past. The show promises to be dynamic effects is quite on the level, so that fans will have quite a beautiful picture to your liking. Poor thing: in the pursuit of entertainment, though the writers did not bother about a little bit delectable character. Characters are registered superficial and one-sided, good heroes, villains and bad you are no semitones. And Robert Jekyll during his transformation, rather like the Hulk with his "Cruz break" than Mr. Hyde.

It is a pity that the story, so subtly plays with the presence of the dark side in all of us, ask philosophical questions about what is done with his "Mr. Hyde" was lowered to another level of horror stories about monsters. Add the writers even a little psychological background, make the characters live, and not as one-sided and cardboard, it would look much more interesting.

But overall, the series is not inferior to his predecessors. Therefore, those who liked the "Grimm", "Ripper Street", "tabloid horrors" and so on. N., "Jekyll and Hyde" will be the taste.
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Jekyll and Hyde (season 1)
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