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The Closer (season 7)


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The series tells the story of the harsh everyday life of female detective having trained at school in the CIA. The film takes place in Los Angeles. The task of the new head of the department for combating particularly serious crimes Brands Lee Johnson - homicide investigation. Her extraordinary personality and a unique approach to the shock of colleagues - men. For the sake of establishing the truth, she is ready to make any sacrifice.

Before start of watching this show, I heard about it a lot, and had a negative adjusted ... But when started watching it I was pleasantly surprised ...

The main heroine Brenda Leigh Johnson, in my view, smartly played by Keira Seydzhvik. Brenda Johnson appointed deputy chief of police, and began working in the department of priority investigations. Brenda its approach to interrogation, she skillfully "knocks" from suspects, in her all his mind, it is hard to communicate, but at the same time her character strongly attracted. In many series shows a greater degree only good side of the main characters, and in this show negative qualities / behavior balanced positive. This series shows the real problems of a person and society as a whole. Kira's character was able to make the location of their department, who first took her in arms.

Year: 2005 (7 seasons)
Country: USA
Slogan «Get ready for an arresting new season»
Director Michael M. Robin, Rick Wallace, Arvin Brown, ...
Scenario James Duff, Steven Kane, Mike Birch, ...
Producer James Duff, Gil Garcetti, Andrew J.. Sacks, ...
Operator Brian J. Reynolds, David A. Harp, Kenneth D. Zander, ...
Composer James S. Levine
Artist Michael Paul Clausen, Paul Eads, Lauren paint, ...
Installation Eli Nielsen, Butch Vertman, Michael P. Smith, ...
Genre Drama, Crime, Detective ...
Time 43 min.


Detective Brenda Johnson, played by the brilliant Kyra Sedgwick, quite knowingly received for its role a Golden Globe, she's just a delightful type. Business, smart, honest, when it is necessary - very tough, infinitely devoted to their work and at the same time, as can be seen in some series, a very kind and delicate feelings.

It is a charming detail that adds the image of vitality - she madly in love with chocolate. At the same time, of course, she has a perfect figure (for her age - even over), and it constantly limits himself, sometimes secretly eating sweets ... a real woman, in a word.

In addition, it has a great team, which initially disliked her for being too categorical and severity during the conduct of the case, but then imbued with respect. My favorite character from the team - Lieutenant Provenza, very funny grandfather, and sometimes even touching. Why are only some of his picks Flynn. I love the series about the corpse in the garage!

Overall, a wonderful way to kill a bunch of nights, in my opinion. I'm not too fond of detective stories, but here in the first place, interesting stories, and murderers are not usually obvious. And secondly, great actors, which top the list, of course, the beautiful Kyra.

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The Closer (season 7)
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