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The Walking Dead (season 7)


8 episodes

TV show The Walking Dead (Season 7) Download Episodes 

TV series The Walking Dead season 7 is the continuation of a popular US horror series airing on FOX. It depicts Rick Grimes, a Sheriff’s deputy, who awaken from coma and discovers that the whole planet is overrun by zombies. He finds his family and they together with another group of survivors travel around the world and look for a safe place to live.

Every day they have to put their lives at risk and face cruelty and death. They deal with imminent threat every day, but it seems that the number of zombies never decreases. The last episode is devoted to Alexandria settlement, where survivors are under the attack of the Wolves and walkers. Whether the heroes of The Walking Dead will be able to find a harmonious and safe place to live you can see in the next episodes of the series.

  • Original title: The Walking Dead season 7
  • Genre: Drama, Horror
  • Original Network: AMC
  • Country: USA
  • Original Language: English
Normal zombie movie should be not about zombies, but about hopelessness, despair and human relationships. These components help prepare Useful dish, flavored with the living dead. "The Walking Dead" is prepared for this recipe.
The film must necessarily be a sweet moment of Armageddon, when the whole past life collapses and begins an uncertain future with the hope of survival. In the series "The Walking Dead" this did not pay attention. The protagonist was sick all the fun. But human relationships are allocated almost 90% of the entire film. Racism, violence, betrayal, hatred, love - this film has it all.
Fortunately, the good wins here more often than wrong. People help people and try to be a group, all for everyone. There are, of course, individuals who break away from the team and act as a center of the universe. But under pressure from leading members the groups immediately keep silent.
The characters are very bright, in the beginning, some are annoying you, then you worry about them and follow their development. About one hero think that it is positive and the other negative. But then changes his mind, from good to bad, he turns and vice versa.
Authors fellows that just kill their characters, strange as it may sound, it creates the atmosphere of apocalypse that you can die at any moment and you do not know tomorrow comes or not for you.
In the series affected philosophical issues, the characters of reasoning, some they may seem boring, but I like a man who loves all kinds of movies and books with soul-searching liked to follow their inferences.
The Walking Dead - a series loosely based on the comic book of the same name. Writers are some points have changed and introduced new characters. But because of this series did not become ill

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The Walking Dead (season 7)
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