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Z Nation (season 3)


13 episode

TV series Z Nation (season 3) download episodes

Z Nation season 3 is a horror post-apocalyptic series airing on Syfy. It depicts a virus-caused apocalypse, where zombies have already killed almost all humans. As there is no vaccine against zombies’ bites a group of survivors has to transport Murphy, the only man, who did not die of the zombie’s bite and has not turned into a zombie, to the research laboratory in California. Murphy’s blood is the last mankind’s hope to make a vaccine as it contains antibodies. Moreover, he bears a dark secret to threaten all the humans left. Follow the terrific adventures of people through the world of zombies watching the series Z Nation.

One gets the impression that the creators of the series collected in one place almost all the rich and varied layers of "zombie culture ', not forgetting, in their turn, too, gradually developed the world. There are all kinds of zombies, with different properties, is not found ..

On the one hand - the zombies who can kick with impunity, kill, disrupt the anger on him, received, even fun. Zombie raschelovecheny they do not have the will, they are manageable primitive desires. In the political field, the use of such symbolic structures - if you draw the image of the enemy - the people (view) is not worthy of pity. Psychological basis of this phenomenon is rooted, more likely, in the relation of man to an alien, rogue, (powerless). So, since ancient times a stranger - is always potentially dangerous, suspicious (like from another world) and almost no chance of dialogue.

On the other - visual means contributing to blurring the line between reality and illusion (conditional, in the mind) becoming a zombie or something "closer" to us. It is not excluded that the interest in this part of the chthonic archetypes is a consequence, also, latent recognition in her modern "human consumption", a reflection of curved. Alien are not entirely alien to human relations structure the human world, that is. E. With the "material" turns out to be possible to work, some zombies are even starting to call, almost, respect, with some you can talk like animals, like dogs, and it seems that the first, too, quite successfully be integrated into the human post-nuclear, post-zomboapokalipticheskuyu civilization in the manner of one of the new species which, though with difficulty, but we can get along well.

Naturally, actively and comprehensively this cultural phenomenon is used side, so to speak, secondary structures associated with the formation of consumption, creating fashion: zombie products, zombie images - funny or frightening - fill a substantial part of the entertainment industry. That, in turn, continues to some extent, to fuel interest in the subject.

Though weak actors play a good half of the core team, but it is not so much for the attempts of recognition, reading ideas or aesthetic pleasure of the special effects, holding in tension field between anxiety and relief. What is good for the more "traditional" art based on the drama and the psychological logic, it is not justified in the present, where the actors are only carriers, transmitters of ideas, or - mechanisms for the action, as in a computer game. Perhaps too much of these "traditional" canons story tightness reduces the impact of special effects, does not allow another series «The Walking Dead» to rise to a higher level. In "the Z Nation" are sometimes used almost the same "plot moves" as the aforementioned film, but - dynamically and intelligently, the impression that the "nation" is designed taking into account all its errors.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно
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Z Nation (season 3)
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