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The Last Panthers (season 1)


6 episodes (english subs)

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The Last Panthers season 1 is a European crime drama series about the band of notorious jewel thieves. The film is based on real events and continues the story mentioned in Pink Panthers. Most of the action of the season takes place in Marseille and Belgrade. During the episodes the international gang of thieves which specializes in stealing only high-rated and expensive jewelry, makes lots of noise in the world press. However, a team of experienced experts will try to catch these elusive gangsters. The premier of the first season took place in the UK in November, 2015. The US premier is scheduled on spring, 2016. The recovery of stolen diamonds lays upon the independent claims specialist Naomi (played by S. Morton). Her boss insists on using any methods which will help to solve this case. Another character on the trail of the diamonds is a young police officer Khalil. This investigation takes them across all Europe.

  • Original title: The Last Panthers season 1
  • Genre: Action Drama
  • Created By: Jack Thorne
  • Country: UK, France
  • Original Language: English
Three raiders make a daring bank robbery, stolen diamonds worth 15 million (in evrofantikah), at the commencement of the robbers accidentally killed a little girl. This tragic accident will have fatal consequences for all participants in the events ..

"Last Panthers" is a series, designed to show the achievements and challenges of a united Europe. Globalization has brought Europeans welcome fruit in the form of the flow of migrants (all men are decent, deeply religious, with higher education, and a burning desire to work for a new home, Takbir, you know), but the greatest joy Europeans delivers international crime - it can do everything - still proletarians unite (when they want).

Panthers - real criminal group created by immigrants from Yugoslavia, specialization - robberies of jewelry stores, the total value of the stolen is estimated modest sum of 400 million. The brothers - Slavs act boldly and imaginatively, the latest high-profile robbery dates back to 2013 year, the exhibition of jewels at Cannes was robbed one raiders, without firing a shot host conscience jewelry has been facilitated to 136 million, the robber left peshochkom - heavenly joy, impressively pass on the Croisette, gracefully waving a shopping bag with the stolen jewel of.

Style, elegance, cinematic committed robberies - all of this was to attract the attention of the most important figures of the arts. Creators of the series identified three storylines - the fate Selick Milan (one of the robbers), vicissitudes of life Marseille police Khalil (investigating a robbery), as well as the hard work of Naomi Frank (detective from the insurance agency), whose mission - to return the insured valuables (commonly known reluctance of insurers to part with the money).скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно
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The Last Panthers (season 1)
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