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Chicago Fire (season 5)


8 episodes

TV Show Chicago Fire (season 5) download episodes

{xtypo_rounded1}TV series Chicago Fire season 5 continues talking about the life of Chicago dedicated paramedics and firefighters. The series’ list was renewed for the new season in November 2015. Generally, it’s an American TV drama shown on NBC from October 2012. Throughout the entire film we explore the professional and personal lives of firefighters, who serve at the Chicago Firehouse 51. Despite of having success and work, they also face some personal losses. Men and women of the department are full of heroism and dedication, but they are only simple humans who have their own joys and sorrows. One of the main characters is Matthew Casey who is a born leader and a great specialist. However, after parting with his girlfriend he started taking many things differently. Another Chicago Fire character is Lieutenant Kelly Severide. He is shown in confrontation with Matthew as they both blame each other for the death of their colleague.

Show Info

  • Original Title: Chicago Fire
  • Airs on: NBC
  • Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure
  • Cast: Joe Minoso, Christian Stolte, David Eigenberg, Yuri Sardarov, Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer
  • Created by: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas
  • Official site:


"Chicago Fire" tells us about the difficult everyday life of the 51st deparment and firefighters working in it. With the first series of events occur that affect our heroes in the future. And the first series of the series as a promise to be not dull and dramatic and eventful. It is difficult to isolate the main character as the plot twists often with different characters, but Matthew Casey often stands in the center of events. With this role, I think, Jesse Spencer handled excellently, completely moving away from the image of Chase House, M.D.

As I wrote above, the plot seems to us in different corners, and each series is replete with not only directly dramas in the fight against the fire, but the secondary plots that develop sometimes very suddenly. A positive feature of the show is that there is a generic series of building in some other series.

A good selection of actors and images. But, alas, these images are not sufficiently pronounced, despite the fact that the development of the series, each of the characters more and more open to us his character and behavior. Although it is possible and it is not necessary always to seek depth, and is the only benefit.

Excellent drama with a gripping storyline, showing us the fire`s life as it is
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Chicago Fire (season 5)
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