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Blindspot (season 2)


9 episode

TV Show Blindspot (season 2) download episodes

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TV series Blindspot season 2 continues talking about the girl who lost her memory and finds herself at the center of the investigation. The film starts with the episode when she gets out from the canvas bag at Times Square. Not having the slightest idea of who she is, she starts wondering what the meaning of numerous tattoos on her body is. As the plot develops it becomes clear that it’s a kind of a map connected with the case of the FBI. NBC has already announced the appearance of the second season. The renewal is expected in the year 2016. This action thriller drama TV series has received favourable reviews both from the critics and audience. The main character the amnesiac woman with tattoos is played by charming Jaimie Alexander. In Australia the the Blindspot series premiered in October 2015. Soon the CTV in Canada acquired the broadcasting rights for the show as well.

  • Original title: Blindspot season 2
  • Genre: Drama Mystery Thriller
  • Created By: Martin Gero
  • Country: USA
  • Original Language: English
  • Original Network: NBC
From the beginning, we do not know the name of the main character. She does not remember anything from his past life, all in a fresh tattoo, one of which contains the name of an FBI agent. This completes the exposition and Jane Doe (the so-called people in the FBI, if they do not have a name) remain in the office and is gradually regaining his memory by helping agents in the investigation of cases.

To be honest, with amnesia scripts already written and illustrated a lot, but in this series in this whole plot is tied and twisted the truth is quite interesting, even if the process of memory reconstruction fairly long. The main character is very interesting as a character, because no one in her surroundings as she Jane does not know who she was. Agent Kurt Weller also not the easiest person with a fair amount of wit and intelligence, although the nature of the first part of the season is solid cliché. The other characters also exhibit common sense, but by themselves are too simple and everyone (both optional) is the secret from his friends. But I would like to highlight the genius of the boom and the usual simpleton Patterson agent. She's a genius, he opened to clear only to her terms, giving the main humor of the series. But these characters have in each series, so there is nothing new in this respect is not NW privnёs. But tolerance is straight rolls, seen that wanted to please everyone.

The most important thing that distinguishes this series from the majority - indeed Uidonovskaya cruelty to the main characters. Joss in "Serenity Mission" ad libitum killed a few main characters, slightly breaking that fans templates. Here, the writers will be kinder creator of "Firefly", but their courage to be envied. And it very well, because many already bored geroepodobnye immortal characters who are hurt and the rather difficult task. And this unpredictability and mortality characters firmly enough keeps you in the chair, you do not know how to behave like the characters in the next series.

Episodes themselves quite well and frankly boring there, if only slightly (8), but excellent - really good (10, 22, 23). The final series of absolutely shocking your brain, there is a strong actor's game and without them the show would have been much worse, as well - the most it. Of course this is not a masterpiece, but while away the evening at 23h43 minutes is suitable very well
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Blindspot (season 2)
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