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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (season 1)


10 episodes

TV Series Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (season 1)

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 1 is a new creation of TV series about superheroes from Carnival Films. This series will have 10 episodes. The major character of it will be Harry Clayton who has quite many problems in his life. His wife with a child has left him owing to his devotion to the gambling. Chief of Harry feels certain that he is in association with the devil. Harry also owns a lot of money to the criminal mafia who starts to threaten him. One unexpected acquaintance with a mysterious girl who gives him the oldest decoration totally changes everything in his life. However, the cost for this decoration is quite high.

Fine irony, understand why now. In the mid-00s, James Nesbitt played in the police drama "Murphy's Law" (especially the role of directly out of the title). After ten years, he trusted a similar character in the series with a return name: "Lucky." TV industry symbolically Nesbitt pays for all the trials, eh? Not certainly in that way.

London "bobby" Harry Clayton - ludoman with the experience. His luck has any records in all directions. The investigation stalled, at work - intrigue, on the personal front - cant for the jamb. He owes an indecent amount is not quite decent people. Will the circumstances of the hero becomes the owner miracle bracelet, which attracts good luck very peculiar way. Remove the bracelet can not be, to use it is a more expensive, but to live it is necessary. Also, not too polite gentlemen with sharp cutlasses have the intention to solve the problem of requisition jewelry little more radically than we would like. In general, no matter where you throw - everywhere wedge: and unlucky to be bad, and Fortune's bosom - is not good.

The original name is intriguing: «Stan Lee`s Lucky Man» ... Stan Lee, I say! But what the American comics patriarch can have the series in the modern style of the British TV crime? Izamorskie sources say something about the master cooperation whether with Carnival Films, whether with Sky-one, see what's what. However, in any case, Harry Clayton as the character is very atypical for antiques Stan. Or 93 drawn to something new? Mr. Sam Lee comments on what is happening. I have always been fascinated by the theme of luck, and I am very happy finally to share his passion with audiences around the world. How long have you been waiting for, bro, how long have you been waiting for!

Roman mimic poet of the I century BC. e. Publius Syrus assured that Fortune sometimes gives too much, but never give enough. What is the theme of chance by Stan Lee begin to understand, as soon as the previous owner of the magic bracelet is sent in a suicidal journey to the nearest roof. So what will Harry do with his crane, firmly clutched in his fingers through? You can find the key to what is happening, or ultramarine Ptah disperse the remnants of his absurd life and carry over the blue horizon, outlining a new victim? Time will - we'll see. More interested in something else. James Nesbitt - a wonderful actor, his career has not received a chance, not lucky. And it will be a great move if with a light hand of Stan Lee's uncle still will come up on the surface at least of the local show business. Why not? In general, let's wish him luck.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно
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Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (season 1)
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Actors: Вин дизель, Том Круз, Ребекка Фергюссон, Дуэйн Джонсон, Пол Уокер Джордана Брюстер, Тайрез Гибсон
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