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Hunters (season 1)


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TV Series Hunters (season 1)

Hunters is a drama tv series created by Natalie Chaidez Valhalla and produced by Universal Cable Entertainment with Poductions for Syfy. Written by Natalie Chaidez, this television fiction is based on the story written by Whitley Strieber Alien Hunter, published in 2013. Hunters focuses on the disappearance of the wife of a highly decorated member of the police of Philadelphia, Flynn Caroll, who is working for a secret government unit whose mission is to hunt down a group of ruthless terrorists and shadowy figures could not be of this world.

Hunters is a drama carried out by aliens as executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and Natalie Chaidez, who is also a fiction writer. The series starring Australian actor Nathan Philips in the role of Flynn, a stubborn FBI agent with a dark past who is investigating the disappearance of his wife. Accompanying, Britne Oldford as Regan, one of the most valuable government agents and Julian McMahon, who plays McCarthy, an addict unbalanced acting as leader of the cell Hunter.

Like a lot of Syfy originals, Hunters has an intriguing premise: The U.S. is under attack by a new breed of terrorists: aliens. It even boasts a bit of pedigree on its side, given that its producers are alums of such properties as The Walking Dead and 12 Monkeys. So maybe it’ll be better you’re your average humdrum cable-TV sci-fi effort?

Or maybe not: Unfortunately, the first episode doesn’t live up to its potential. And, spoiler alert, I’ve seen the second episode, as well…and it doesn’t get too much better.

The (perhaps overly) slick pilot centers on Flynn Carroll (Nathan Phillips), a tough guy ex-Marine turned FBI agent whose wife, Abby (Laura Gordon), is stolen by the “hunters”— which is what everyone in the know calls the aliens. And these are some evil ETs: They “make ISIS look like Girl Scouts,” we’re told in one of the pilot’s many exposition-rich passages.

Flynn, however, doesn’t know about the hunters — not until her goes into full-on Taken mode to find his kidnapped wife. That’s when we runs into the FBI’s secret Exo-Terrorism Unit, or E.T.U. for short.

From there, the conspiracy thickens without ever grabbing you — mostly because Flynn is so, so boring. The show tries to add some juice to his story line by hinting that Abby might be an alien herself, but good luck trying to muster up the energy for caring about that. I’m not sure if there’ll be a person in America who’ll feel emotionally invested in Flynn’s plight. And if the series is meant to be any metaphorical commentary on our real-world war on terrorism, well, that’s not immediately evident either.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно
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Hunters (season 1)
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