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Wynonna Earp (season 1)


13 episodes

Wynonna Earp (season 1) Download HD episodes

The series is an adaptation of the American comic publisher IDW and talk about the incredible adventures of Winona Earp - young hunter on all sorts of evil. Someone has a lot of money, someone has a unique talent, and our heroine has a cool gun, killing demons, monsters, and every other evil. Meet Winona Earp - great-granddaughter of the legendary sheriff Wyatt Earp, who became a national hero in America, thanks to his incredible feats. For many years, being on the run, she finally decides to return home, only once there is a fairly significant problem - no one on home soil does not want her to return. But she ceases to be a problem when the hometown is attacked by a group of mysterious demons, which can only handle our heroine, which has become in such a turn of events, the only salvation for the unfortunate citizens. Back home, Winona, along with a group of assistants reveals the brutal hunting of monsters, in which a brave great-granddaughter is going to do everything possible to clear the tarnished reputation of the legendary great-grandfather once and for all.

She has to pass judgments while fighting with eternal devils, ghouls-drug traffickers as well as mummies which belong to the mafia of Egypt and other unusual creeps. The major hero likes to drink whiskey. She searches and punishes any demons and other supernatural creatures according to the law.


The main character Winona Earp meets with demons and supernatural beings, or rather with the Return. They are former criminals who once killed her grandfather. Just Winona meet Earp's best friend, whose name is Doc Holliday. Well, you remember that he died of consumption in his prime. The companions of the girl enters her sister, Marshal of the detachment Black icons. Secret unit, which is struggling with the supernatural. Of course there is also the main villain Bobo sounds scary, right? And a lot of other evil spirits.

About Melanie Scrofano (Winona Earp) I hear the first time. Frankly, I'm a fan of these characters. Ass kicking bad guys, making it with humor and irony. He plays perfectly, I believe! Besides the nice girl.

Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday) is similar, too, have no idea who I was. Like its image of a cowboy of the Wild West, mannerisms, accent. Well, I am talking about the mustache and the image as a whole. I think ladies like it.

What to say about the rest, too, I have no idea. But remember Ackles and Padalecki also know no one knew.

With humor in the show's all right, I do not know the evil still popular today? Typically, the first series will know to look or not. And yet I can not wait the 4th series.

Enjoy watching!
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Wynonna Earp (season 1)
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