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Star Trek The Original (Season 1)


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TV Series Star Trek The Original (Season 1)

The plot:

The action of the series takes place in the second half of the 23 th century (2264-2269 gg.) and tells the story of a five-year research mission starship United Federation of Planets «USS Enterprise NCC-1701" under the command of Captain Kirk.


In the Epoch of "3D jam", movies like Avatar and other original (1966) TV series, «Star trek» with all its naivety and "simplicity" seems unusual and surprising. Why?
Response is on the surface - in the absence of the computer technology and graphics, the actors are playing!

Captain James Kirk is a real captain. William Shatner is ideally entered in the role of professional and handsome captain of Starfleet. This is the case when, seeing the actor, you first remember the name of his character. And, of course, it has its own feature - a company of Captain Hook! I do not know if anyone noticed, but it is very often in combat with the enemy maketh a picture gesture on impact. Well, about the women I did not say anything. This is the captain! - He has on every planet on the child.

Spock. Fascinating. Illogical - two typical phrases Spock. Balanced and pedantic science officer. On it you can always rely on. Despite the almost complete lack of emotion, he gave us a couple of series of experiences with love. And yet he and Kirk suit all outfits - from a Nazi uniform to a gangster costumes from expensive fur. I'm not talking about the tunics and laurel wreaths of the ancient Greeks.

Scotty - a mechanical engineer in love with engines and Enterprise. Well, sometimes, of course, women and whiskey. His Scottish roots not hide.

Ensign Chekov - all Russian-speaking audience is particularly close to the navigator of the Enterprise. He can not forget her native Leningrad, and that compares with it all the planets. And all adds Russian flavor, wherever possible. For that he thanks!

Uhura - communications officer. Constantly sitting behind the captain and catches, catches signals from other worlds. In addition to professionalism, it has shapely legs, which underlines the Starfleet uniform. Oh, the '60s!

Sulu - navigator, like Chekhov. Maybe he loves fencing, but in only one series. Sulu took for a change. But he is also well done. Example of duty - basic military skills.

McCoy - ship's surgeon. As a rule, it is constantly forced to look for an antidote in the lab from different space infection, from which, in general, there is no antidote ... That is all poured in irritability and bickering with Spock. He Spock word, and that McCoy - ten! Unequal match.

It is also worth noting the countless number of "reds" crew. If, during the mission, take some youthful series in red jacket - he does not live. They certainly sacrifice.

Enterprise - proud and beautiful ship of the Polar Division. It many decks and 420 crew members. Visually, it looks impressive. Inside of the bells and whistles have impulse engines, as well as teleportatornaya and a lot of on-board computers.
This is the first love of the cap Kirk.

It is worth noting the originality of stories that leave something to think about. In each series, there is sure to morality, as in the fable Krylov. Like, that's what lead bad thoughts like lust for power over the universe or the eternal youth, and so on. D.
Costumes are shown bright, especially in women, often with elements of eroticism and fluorescent materials. As a girl, I can not mention make-up skills. Makeup many heroines - a work of art.
Learn the physics!
A distinctive feature of the series is also an abundance of scientific vocabulary, and competent! IQ level required not below average for sure.
And about the special effects I say to them all in order. Those who do not have enough imagination, come in 3D - there you take away the latter.
P.S. New modern Star trek series is also shooted with the soul, it has its charm ...

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Star Trek The Original (Season 1)
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