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Son of Zorn (Season 1)


9 episode

TV Series Son of Zorn download (season 1) for free

Son of Zorn season 1 is a TV show which tells the story of the events of how after the ten years of continuous fighting in the distant animation world the major character decides to visit his teenage son named Alan as well as his former wife. The reunion with the family, the attempts to return to the normal life of the real world with its quite suburb and office routine are quite difficult for the animated warrior Zan in comparison with his former heroic battles. Son of Zorn season 1 is an animation series in which one will be able to see the events taking place in the life of the major character and his family.

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  • Original Title: Son of Zorn
  • Airs on: FOX
  • Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family
  • Cast: Artemis Pebdani, Johnny Pemberton, Tim Meadows, Cheryl Hines, Jason Sudeikis, Cameron Monaghan
  • Created by: Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne
  • Official site:

Since the days of "Who stole Roger Rabbit" not so much worthy pictures with a combination of 2D animation and the real shooting was performed, but the lower output and serials. And finally, in 2016 a worthy representative appeared.

The series tells the story of overage, with inclinations paranoid, gouging warriors of the defunct (at least for us) Zephyr, who comes to America in order to see their child, which, incidentally, did not like him nor appearance, not character. Alangulon so dignify this son, it is a classic example of a typical school loser who is familiar with the girls only to subscribe to pornohub. Mother Alangulona field divorcing Zorn, consorted with spineless psychologist, pretending to be happy, and is typical of provincial life, although his best years and did many foolish and crazy things. But things are starting to change with the arrival of the most magnificent of all the great, His Majesty Zorn, who embodies all that is characteristic only of the people who took much on his chest firewater. As a result, we get old, are already beginning to go bald, but the childish attitude to the life of a warrior, who must teach the same teenager all aspects of life. This whole situation is aggravated by the fact that Zorn zefirianskomu accustomed way of life, namely, Fight, plump, kill. About tolerance, tact, or feminism, and there had never heard of, that gives rise to an infinite number of gags and popliteus. All this, coupled with painted artifacts and the inhabitants of marshmallows in America who do not live for more than 10 seconds of screen time, and is a unique pun, to look at that is a pleasure. And most importantly, the series answers an important question of life, and what would happen if the drawn-idiot warrior forced to work in the office ?!

The only negative, which is really to complain about, it is the actor who plays Alangulona, no, he's not playing badly, but he really is very repulsive appearance, look at that, to me personally, not a pleasure.

As a result, we get a good series, but on a par with the specific and humor that will not please everyone. And of course, if you are not afraid to be blinded by the legendary coolness, according to him, the hero, this series is suitable to you.

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Son of Zorn (Season 1)
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