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Timeless (season 1)


10 episodes

TV Series Timeless free download (season 1)

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Once, a mysterious criminal manages to steal a time machine which has been under the state classifying in the TV series Timeless season 1. As far as we know, his plan is to find the way to destroy America. For this purpose, the maniac goes back in time to carry out actions that will change our usual present and the modern picture of the world. Quite unexpected command: scholar, soldier and one professor of history are moving now on the footsteps of the crazy fugitive. Their mission is not to cause irreversible consequences by themselves and remain a step ahead of the villain. However, the question now is whether they will manage to do that on time and it will be known only from Timeless season 1.

Show Info

  • Original Title: Timeless
  • Airs on: NBC
  • Genres: Drama, Action, Science-Fiction
The series tells the story of the history of the team of Professor Lucy Wyatt soldier and a time capsule pilot Rufus, who are trying to stop terrorist timeless, conceived to change the history of the USA on my own. Total, we have a motley company of white men and African American women placed in a variety of times and manners. Not enough, perhaps, the Jew.

Theoretical physicist, please do not worry. It is understood that the world of the series is fictional and does not claim to scientific validity. The authors made certain assumptions about time travel that significantly far-fetched, but it is necessary for the implementation of the project in the form in which it was conceived. Specs "grandfather paradox" there are few.

In addition to the fantastic part of the series involved in the true patriotism, when up to a wide, primarily the US, viewers convey information about events, a key impact on the history of their homeland. Only the laziest US citizen refuses to fill in the gaps in knowledge in this exciting adventure form. Students and generally should be ecstatic.

And why does the USSR appear here? It seems to me absolutely for nothing. The vast majority of subjects, if not all, are tied exclusively to the history of the state. The task of producers, directors and writers do not show a superpower in all its splendor and world domination, and go through the turning points to consider their positive and negative aspects, ask a question: "What would happen if ..."

In addition, the "Timeless" - is not just a bunch of episodes. The series has a through storyline and a double bottom. So there are good characters, and so does bad villains? Can a personal motive and noble purpose go hand in hand? When and who can be sacrificed for the sake of the common good? What generally is a "common good" and who defines it? I recommend to all lovers of conspiracy theories.
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Timeless (season 1)
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Actors: Вин дизель, Том Круз, Ребекка Фергюссон, Дуэйн Джонсон, Пол Уокер Джордана Брюстер, Тайрез Гибсон
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