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MacGyver (season 1)


11 episodes

TV Series MacGyver (season 1) download free

You can download MacGyver Season 1 here at Latest episodes available for free download. We monitor the air dates of TV Show "MacGyver" and upload new episodes ASAP. All top television series can be found on our website.

In the world of soap operas, as in any other sphere of our lives, there is fashion, which displays today began to call trends. TV show MacGyver season 1 is the product of one of these trends. New project is not a sequel to the original, but its prequel. Indeed, it is more interesting to watch how Angus, who is about twenty, is at the start of his glorious way on which he will now and then disembarrass those who are in trouble and prevent the disasters. Already in his young years, this pacifist who cannot stand firearms was different by non-standard approach to the solution of various problems. In his arsenal there is only a true Swiss army knife, savvy and scientific knowledge. It is not difficult for him to make explosives from garden fertilizer or collect polygraph from the mechanical polygraph.

Show Info

  • Original Title: MacGyver
  • Airs on: CBS
  • Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure
  • Created by: Sandrine Holt, Tristin Mays, George Eads, Lucas Till
  • Official site:
American TV series "MacGyver" tells the story of the dizzying adventures MacGyver secret agent in the service of the US government, which constantly sends it to restore order in the different corners of our planet.

The complete absence of at least some hint of reality only add charm to this next big-telekomiksu. MacGyver and his friends (bully, head breaks through the wall and superhakersha, 10 seconds to gain access to any computer anywhere in the world) are worn all over the world, leaping across continents. In one day, they manage to neutralize spy in Korea to return to his secret headquarters in California, getting a new job and to wave to Venezuela to arrest drug lord.

When last season the "Supergirl" was sent to the flight,  instantly a role model for millions of girls around the world appeared, it became clear: urgently need the same character for hyperactive boys at the age of 10 years and up to infinity.

That is the niche occupied MacGyver. He is intelligent, strong, has a high moral principles and general insanity is so steep that the best it can be described in the words of one of the characters: "With you even stand near dangerous. You can drown in testosterone. "

So, if you need a heroic role model in the entourage of the special effects and chases, the MacGyver - what you are looking for. Children will be delighted. Adults, too, can watch. Turn off the brain and watch the adventures of luxury Man, from which gushes testosterone.

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MacGyver (season 1)
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