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Sweet/Vicious (season 1)


5 episodes

TV Series Sweet/Vicious free download (season 1)

Stewart and Freddie are two English gentlemen of about eighty who are the major characters of the TV series Sweet/Vicious season 1. The couple is not normal. They do not just live in one apartment, lead joint household for a long time and make friends. The two gay men are a married couple already for 50 years. Freddy is eccentric and Stewart is more restrained. They are adorable and nice to each other, though don’t miss a chance to pin the partner. Their days go in mutual care and constant verbal taunts, while the apartment above them is not taken by Ash. Surprisingly, the young man, heterosexual manages to make friends with eccentric old men. They begin to teach him to build a relationship with the girl and share other vital wisdom. Of course, the Vicious television series theme is not the most familiar. Case is saved by the fact that it is a British sitcom and it is full of British humor which is sometimes subtle, sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes black and greasy.

Student at Princeton University, Ofelia Meyer has an explosive temper and a magnet for all sorts of trouble. Girl working in a music store in parallel hacking and other illegal things, so that the security of the campus is in a special account. Jules is in the prestigious women's university community. In all, it gives the impression of a friendly and sociable person, but actually hides a terrible secret. Soon, very different character to join forces in order to do justice to the campus.

Veronica Mars meets Kick-Ass on MTV’s darkly comedic thriller about a pair of college women who beat up campus sex offenders by night. Ninja-like sorority girl Jules (Eliza Bennett) provides the brawn in the duo, and weed-dealing hacker Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) the brains, forming an unlikely matchup that only happens when Ophelia stumbles upon Jules attacking one of her targets in an alleyway one night. 

Both women are well-drawn in the first episodes of Sweet/Vicious, but while their scenes crackle with giddy odd-couple chemistry, the show’s edge isn’t as sharp as it wants to be. Instead, it feels somewhat blunted by its own ambition: Jules dons her mask because she was sexually assaulted herself, but her pain gets overshadowed by clumsy pacing and convoluted plotting. Yes, she’s a cop’s daughter and a vigilante juggling school with slicing sex offenders’ kneecaps, but the show can’t quite strike a balance between the Tarantino-slash-graphic-novel violence of her attacks and the emotional gravity of her past. (A bland love interest doesn’t help.) Ophelia, meanwhile, gets the cool-girl-with-a-heart treatment. Teal-haired and barbed-tongued, she’s practically in trouble with campus security 24/7 and rarely goes to class. She’s a cliché, even if she’s the last person to think of herself that way.

Sweet/Vicious seems confused about what to do with the characters around its leading ladies. In a particularly messy subplot, Harris (You’re the Worst‘s standout Brandon Mychal Smith), a wannabe lawyer and Ophelia’s roommate, talks about race and even gets arrested for no reason other than the color of his skin late in the second episode, but the show doesn’t dive much deeper than that. Aside from her best friend, Jules’ sorority sisters come off as caricatures more than actual human beings — which is especially discouraging when you realize they’re the ones she’s trying to protect. 

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Sweet/Vicious (season 1)
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