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Supergirl (season 2)


8 episodes

TV Series Supergirl free download (season 2)

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In the center of the TV show Supergirl season 2 is Kara Zor-El, who is a cousin of Superman. Native planet of the heroine is Krypton, but when it was destroyed, she had to go to the Earth. She found shelter in a family of Danvers and native daughter of this family Alexander "Alex" Danvers began her called sister. During the 12 years of earthly living Kara managed to hide her superpowers. But not from Alex, who is genuinely interested in culture of Krypton and has been teaching her little sister alien how to carefully treat her superpowers. Soon we will find out that Alexander worked for the government. According to the scenario, we meet Kara in the age of 24 years. She works in the media corporation KetKo as an assistant of its holder.

Show Info

  • Original Title: Supergirl
  • Airs on: The CW
  • Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
  • Created by: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson


“The Adventures of Supergirl” does lean inordinately on Clark and Kara’s relationship, pushing much of the supporting cast – such as Chyler Leigh’s Alex and Jeremy Jordan’s Winn – to the background. However, as this is Hoechlin’s first appearance on the show, this kind of attention-grabbing is an inevitability. Viewers need to know where Superman is within his own crime-fighting career so that he can serve as a sharper counterpoint to the beginning of Kara’s.

The episode even includes a subplot in which Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart, shifting from a main to recurring character due to production changes) presents Kara with a life-changing professional opportunity that hinges on Kara’s self-identity and the future she seeks for herself. More than anything, Supergirl is a show about self-empowerment and self-discovery. Seeing as family remains a constant theme, it’s only fitting that Superman would play a key role in guiding Kara down that path.

Unlike its sister shows, Supergirl is inextricably linked to pre-existing mythos. Green Arrow and The Flash are two heroes who exist in very distinct stories, but they are solely theirs. Supergirl as a character escaped the same planetary destruction that her cousin did, and as each week’s opening makes clear, it’s difficult to explain her without also mentioning Superman. Supergirl season 1 did a solid job of setting up why viewers should care about Kara’s own heroism but still felt limited by what it could not say or show, what it felt hesitant to acknowledge about Kara’s family ties. By bringing Superman into the action, the show is able to throw out Easter eggs like an overly generous bunny, name-dropping Eve Teschmacher, Gotham City and several other elements of the larger DC Comics mythology.

With season 2, it really feels as if Supergirl – unburdened by whatever behind-the-scenes decisions kept the show from embracing the Superman of it all – just discovered an entirely new sandbox to play around in, one that opens the doors to seemingly endless story possibilities for both the Girl of Steel and the Arrowverse as a whole.

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Supergirl (season 2)
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