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Hunted (season 2)


6 episodes

TV Series Hunted download (season 2) for free

Samantha - the current spy of the private intelligence agency. After an attempt on her life, she realizes that it was organized by the members of her team. After recovery and return to the service, it must fulfill their secret mission, not knowing who to trust and who wants her death.

If you are a fan of the spy thriller with elements of drama and a very sharp plot, then this show is for you.

Well for starters I would like to mention the British and series as a whole - they are just great. Especially, what they are doing in the last few years (Sherlock, Luther and so on. D.) A great series.

I do not like to write reviews, I do not know why it was decided to write a review for this series, but I hope that this review will push you to the overview of this series.

I will try to explain everything as short as possible, because I understand what is read review.

This series, I noticed even for 8-9 months before its release, it was too fan of the genre. So start watching the pilot episode, I was not able to break away, it took just 10 minutes from the start of the series.

In general I liked everything and I am not disappointed for a second time spent. I want to mention the operator and editor on, because they have tried their best, the atmosphere of the show is beautiful, and the director's work does not let us down. Skirmishes and melee combat looks very good.

The plot almost always keeps the tension. Done very well, is not banal and original. I watched a lot of TV shows and movies, so that you can take my word for it.

And the cast. Actors are playing pretty well. List the advantages of each actor will not, each character is a well-established and disclosed in the course of the season. I would like to just mention Jack Turner's character, it is certainly a negative, but it was too charismatic, this character can not help but like it. And of course, the main character of the series, Melissa George. It is also well done. Her character, Sam Hunter, it is very suitable to cope with this role she is best.

Definitely I recommend to view my estimation, respectively: 10 of 10
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Hunted (season 2)
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