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Lucha Underground (season 3)


16 episodes

TV Series Lucha Underground download (season 3) for free

Season three will follow up on the events of season two, especially storylines left unresolved at the end of Ultima Lucha Dos. The third season will be capped off with Ultima Lucha Tres on an undisclosed date. The announcement of season 3 featured the Cero Miedo ("No Fear") hand gesture of Lucha Underground performer Pentagón Dark.

Dario Cueto has been released from prison, the mysterious Lucha Underground Temple is back in business. El Jefe is more confident than ever in his brother, the undefeated Lucha Underground Champion, the Monster Matanza and his quest for violent domination. Now while one hero must take a dark path, others will have to make even greater sacrifices if they hope to save themselves and the world.

Lucha Underground - is not just a show. Here, at a height of not only the quality of the matches, but also acting wrestlers themselvesEverything is done just fine! Canonicity confrontation, individual characters, intrigue, interesting stories and unusual outcome.

A distinctive feature of the promotion is a cinematic shot. All the videos appear in the style of the movie is quite colorful and with good special effects, which is very nice to look at.

I became a fan of rays Underground after watching the first episode. Writers involved in the debut edition of WWE stunning Johnny Mundo (aka John Hennigan / John Morrison) and legendary Ricochet (Trevor Mann). By the way, speaking of the roster, here you'll also see: Alberto El Patron (Del Rio), Chavo Guerrero, Jack Evans, Cage, Izekielya Jackson Hernandez, the Pentagon's Jr., Phoenix, Aerostar and Matt Stryker and Vampiro as commentators and many others.

At the moment, shot 1 season ending grand show called Ultima Lucha. I recommend to all fans of wrestling.
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Lucha Underground (season 3)
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Genre: Action
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Actors: Вин дизель, Том Круз, Ребекка Фергюссон, Дуэйн Джонсон, Пол Уокер Джордана Брюстер, Тайрез Гибсон
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