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In a random accident police forensic Barry Allen gets a dose of chemicals and electrical discharge. Barry discovers that this accident made him the fastest man in the world who can even overtake the speed of sound. With the help of a woman scientist Tina McGee, he learns to control his powers, but when his older brother Jay killed while on duty, Barry asks Tina to make him a special suit that can withstand the load in excess sound. He decides to clean the streets of the town from bandits. Now his name is Flash.

This is not the first appearance of the Flash on TV, before the character debuted in the series in 1979. But then, because of the large number of the main characters, it is somewhat lost on the rest. And in 1990, Flash got his own TV series, which was a prequel to the feature film.

City Central City gang terrorizing thugs motorcyclists. They do not have a specific purpose, but a passion for looting and destruction. At the head of the gang is brutal Pike, a former police officer who indiscriminately punishes not obey him at hand. All the police threw up his hands, and has nothing to do with the terror engulfing the city. But one day, a forensic scientist Barry Allen has been exposed to chemicals after hitting them lightning. He soon discovered that is capable of supersonic speed and his metabolism changed. Having started to develop their abilities, Barry did not even thinking of using them for the benefit of society. Until a gang of Pike severely dealt not with his older brother ...

I'll try and assess the full-length pilot and the series itself, and looked for it, and then. The pilot is the origin, history of the birth and formation of Flash as a hero. Yes, the creators have focused precisely on harping on the history of the emergence of Flash. His first trial of strength. The rest went into the background, in order to later in the show, tune colors. It is understood that the pilot did not have to wait for what the super villains or major antagonists. There is a big bet on the philosophical implications of the image, its formation as an individual and inner experiences. In the meantime, you can train your ability opened and ordinary bandits.

In the series already is more emphasis on action. From time to time there are serious opponents and supervillains. And Barry has to disclose a greater and greater potential for that would defeat them. But even though the series is why it is monotonous and boring. When I watched it as a child, it is clear that especially when compared with what was not, and it seemed a perfect adaptation of the comic book on TV. Now it is quite bland series, and not every viewer will hold until the end of the season.

The rest is a very watchable. The special effects, while not at the highest level, but not an eyesore their old age.

"I'm not a racer like your father. But I'll fly like lightning."
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