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The legendary Spartak, the hero of the TV series "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena", the only slave-gladiator, who dared to challenge not only to his master, but also throughout the Roman Empire. He was able to inspire the gladiators fight for their freedom by rebelling against the system. Once in the house of Batiatus has been raised a rebellion, and all the guests and the hosts had fallen under the blows of the gladiator blades, after the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus and gaining long-awaited freedom, rebellion gladiators makes tremble in fear of the wild heart of the Roman Empire. Gaius Claudius Glabr which is the messenger of the Roman Senate, badly hates Spartacus and sincerely wish him a cruel death. Under his leadership the choicest Roman troops are sent to Capua in order to deal once and for all with the growing group of plebeians and slaves gained their freedom, commanded by the best Roman gladiator named Spartacus. It was at this time Spartak gets an opportunity to get with the man who condemned him to slavery and his wife to death.

  • Original Title: Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History
  • Channel: Starz
  • Runtime: 53-60 minutes
  • Language: English
Compared with the first season (Blood and Sand), there is less blood than in the truest sense of the word: special effects have became less visible and look more realistic. Also it changed for the better the physics of shocks: in general, the production at the height of the fighting! In this regard, Rick Jacobson did not disappoint us.

What can we say about the plot? It is, of course, has undergone its own changes, but Steven S. DeKnight still delights us with his vision of the ancient world, and it is still "the" Spartacus, though without the late Andy Whitfield. I can not help but notice that the events of the series unfolded in a rather interesting and unexpected way, though quite predictable ending. Each episode of this short prequel generously filled to the brim with frank sex scenes, spectacular battles and, of course, a tricky subject. In general, this series about love and friendship, honor and glory, as well as greedy lanista, ready to do anything for his elevation to the top of the popularity ludus.

In my opinion the atmosphere of ancient Rome was performed relatively well, albeit in a rather small-scale and budget format.
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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
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