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Dominion season 2


13 episodes

TV series Dominion season 2 download

TV series "Dominion season 2" - a fantasy action-drama on the channel SyFy, tells the story of how the heavens made a hell on earth. In season 2 the story will be about the most brutal and bloody war, the confrontation of men and angels. This story began many years ago, when the God, observing all the outrages that doeth the people in the world, and the fall of the fratricide, how people stopped believing in him, decides to punish the human race. He sends his army of angels to Earth, led by the Archangel Gabriel to destroy once and for all the human race. Epic battles involving angels are the backdrop for love and political intrigue, and the salvation of residues of mankind now depends on one of the legendary warriors of the sky, dared to go against his winged companions.
The main character of the series Dominion is a young girl, whose name is Charlie. Yet she does not know that she will become the mother of the man who will lead humanity to a happy future and save it from total destruction.

  • Original Title: Dominion
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
  • Original Channel: Syfy
  • Cast: Christopher Egan, Roxanne McKee, Tom Wisdom, Alan Dale, Luke Allen-Gale, Anthony Head, Shivani Ghai
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 60 min
My acquaintance with the series "Dominion" began quite by accident. I turned on the first series as an unobtrusive background for dinner and the next day ... has already looked the entire first season of the series and 3 second.

There definitely has it all: pluses and minuses.

We judged through the prism of our perception, so we can in different ways to treat this creation: someone looked about "scandals, intrigue, investigation Vega" series, and someone about difficult and ambiguous relationship between the characters in a world where angels declared war on the people .

I have to say that Alex is rather passive, lusciously handsome, as the main character he is not very similar to the savior of mankind. Love the line between him and Claire Reisen does not make much of an impression as well.

In this strange, inverted upside down, the world of angels, as well as people who live their passions: hate, love, doubt, and betraying the victims of treachery, but ... they're not people and they can not be judged by our standards!

Michael (Tom Wisdom) is much more alive and organic character than he is (Paul Bethany) in the "Legion." During the development of this character interesting and enjoyable to watch. I hope that it will give more air time!)

Overall look interesting! I do not particularly think about the story matched the religious dogma, but rather a different universe.

P.S Three series 2 season cost just 1 season. Keep it up!
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Dominion season 2
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