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Z Nation (season 2)


15 episodes

Z Nation tv series (season 2) download

Z Nation season 2 - an American horror zombie series airing on Syfy and renewed for the season 2. It is a post-apocalyptic series, which begins in a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus. The story of a survivor group, whose target is to transport the only immune person Murphy, who did not die of the virus killing all the Americans three years ago. They must walk thousands of miles from New York to California, where the only functional research laboratory is located waiting for this person’s blood test. His organism is the last chance of mankind to overcome the terrific virus and survive as it contains antibodies for a desirable vaccine. But there is one great problem: Murphy bears some dark secrets threatening everyone. Whether he helps all the people to survive and win the struggle against zombies, you can see downloading the series Z Nation from the site.

  • Original Title: Z Nation
  • Genres: Action, Horror
  • Original Channel: SyFy
  • Cast: Harold Perrineau, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Kellita Smith, Tom Everett Scott, Anastasia Baranova, Keith Allan, Russel Hodgkingson
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 45 min
"Z Nation" -  here heroes not only survive, many believe they can cure mankind by delivering a single person in the world immune to the laboratory. And so two seasons. The third story is changing. On the way of the mission group of survivors constantly gets in the road adventures. At the same time facing the typical problems of the apocalypse: Do not grip fuel, provisions and water ( "Hodyachih`dazhe after many years of problems why it is not there). Throughout the story apocalypse increasingly taking over the world. I see. This episode is quite realistic. Very pleased that the show has a place for humor. For example, there are a couple of characters that even a zombie apocalypse are real rogues and adventurers. Understand ply scams for survival. Subject to the "zombie grass" and drug trafficking - another story. Each episode is rich and filled with his idea and "trash."

Patchy series seems absurd, so he can not boring. Constant movement in the frame and road adventure - diluted trite theme of zombies. Most memorable adventure: mad zombies collector laboratory, feminist community, the hotel with a group of survivor who attended to the apocalypse "courses personal rosta`i continue their practice, George Martin - zombies for zombies shooting competitions, Mexican Mafia and their queen, hunters battle for the award and the mad Dr. Kurian.

Writers seem to have had fun while writing the script. And it is not afraid of criticism of the masses. Their courage came to fruition. Originality has made an interesting series to watch and made me think of many, aggressive criticism, fans of "The Walking."

In my memory, this is the first series / movie where there is (finally) survived after the bite. He Murphy. Immunity him, however, controversial. As well as its ability to save all. He is charming and charismatic "zombie mission", ex-con ill-tempered. And obviously he does not want to save the world. Honored mad savior of the world) From the series in the series, he is revealed.

In the series, there is the Z citizen, accidentally forgotten on the operator station (former hacker), who directs the group to a laboratory for amateur radio. His translation of hear all the other survivors. And in this world it is the same as a celebrity and Murphy - the savior of whom have learned thanks to all broadcast citizen Z. There are Doc, just a great character. The boy named Ten pieces and red mils with a truncheon "zombidrobilkoy". In fact, all the characters interesting, and I like them all.

Still very much like the lack of "whining" in the series. And if the show does not follow the footsteps of the "walking" it will remain a favorite TV series about zombies. As long as the audience "walking", according to the communication on the forums, the public gradually become a "nation." The secret is in the plot.

10 of 10 for the charming characters and insane plot.
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Z Nation (season 2)
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