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Here is the season 2 of the American drama thriller "Banshee". The main role in this film takes Antony Starr. The main hero of the series acts ex-con, a professional thief, who was imprisoned for fifteen years. After his release, the man starts to impersonate the missing sheriff of a small town, which is known as the Banshee. Such action is clearly not well affect the future of our hero, but he does not think anyone reveal his secret, everything else he wants to take revenge on the gangsters, which he summed up some time ago. Soon the newly sheriff learns that in this town everything else lives his old sweetheart. The woman has long acquired spouse and lives quite happy life.

Unusually quickly and easily watched the second season, which is somewhat less dynamic and inventive, but the drive redeems all. Actually, I even wonder why the film was watched so bearablly. It is clear that the scuffle and boobs all are very mascular, it is not necessary to think, that is in some way - the antithesis.

Amish line is not fully performed, textured apostate from Amish nothing special and did not do very well, niece debt becomes godmother, transvestite all equally one-dimensional - but still easy to watch. "Banshee" - more animation, and humor is almost there (in contrast to "The Expendables"), and all the romance of the cube. Oh, central alpha male raped all the pretty girls in the frame (after the first two seasons were not covered - Indian colleague and sister), and all credit to him.

I did not watched "Fast and Furious", but I think the charm of "Banshee" is in the degree of movement of the characters and always at least one, but a bare breast in each series. Very ashamed to admit. that such things may come to mind, but podi you. I believe that my "Banshee" impressed marginal integrity creators of well-defined rules of the game and deliberate principle in the absence of any kind of claim to the drama or melodrama. Honest entertaining thriller.
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Banshee season 2
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Genre: Action
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Actors: Вин дизель, Том Круз, Ребекка Фергюссон, Дуэйн Джонсон, Пол Уокер Джордана Брюстер, Тайрез Гибсон
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