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Banshee season 1


Banshee season 1

Lucas Hood served time in prison. He was a thief who had once betrayed his accomplices. After his imprisonment he arrives in a small town in Pennsylvania, called Banshee, where deception gets the post of the local sheriff. But this does not mean that he forgot his criminal past and now is the law. Gangsters, which he once gave, still remember about it and seek revenge. Maturing tough confrontation between the nouveau sheriff and his former buddies. The tranquility of the local population is broken, and murder follows murder, when the sheriff begins to "restore order" in the entrusted to his care campus.

Excellent series, which successfully intertwined drama, thriller and action movie. And of course the ubiquitous crunching bones all without discrimination. I was lucky to see all 4 seasons at once, and it all looked like one whole picture. Scenes characters memories of their past lives and private mini-series Banshee prehistory-added main series even more flavor.

Game actors and their natural efficiency in all stages up to the bed is amazing. It seems that this is a true story, and during filming people going through all the points again.

Separately, on the main characters, who have made this show unique:

Lucas Huth - Until the end of the series and has not found out what his name is actually that adds intrigue and interest in its history, trying to catch hold of what that piece of its history. If the show was kind whatsoever has Easter eggs in this regard, it would be possible to review the show again in her quest.

Jobe - way better hacker imposed on other films, soap operas - greasy man in glasses, in a dusty room of the old, dilapidated house was completely destroyed by the writers, for what they are humble bow. The image of the sort of bisexual, metrosexual-skeptic with a great sense of humor fits perfectly into the team Huta.

Kerry-Anne - sly, strong and attractive woman is necessary for any team. But three of its quality, it uses only the power that confuses all opponents.

Sugar - inconspicuous bartender, a former convict. The team plays an important role, despite the lack of talent thief or hacker or killers. But such a person needed for the decisive word, idea, inspiration, and finally reconciliation within the team, which he has successfully engaged.

Proctor - the main antagonist of the series. It manages to get out in any situation unscathed. Despite its roots - the Amish, rebellious character led him to the top of the well-being.

Last season was a bit crumpled, apparently in the channel there was no opportunity for a full 10 series package. It is hoped that their favorite characters are back in the other series, with a different name, perhaps it will be a different city, a different story, but so much want to continue.

Best-thriller series for the last 5 years in my subjective opinion. 
Something is moments resembled a cult game GTA.
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Banshee season 1
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