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Agent X (season 1) 2015


10 episodes

TV series Agent X season 1 download

Agent X is an upcoming TV series being released in 2015. It is a drama with Sharon Stone in the leading role. It focuses on the story of a widowed wife of Senator from the USA. After the death of her husband she decides to take up political career following his steps. She manages to rise up the political ranks. As a result she is elected the first country’s female Vice President. Agent X is the story of a real strong and confident woman, who reaches her targets at any cost. You can follow her way to the high position if you download the series. From the outset, knowing that their work is just a formality, she soon learns that she has to deal with a secret mission - to defend the Constitution in times of severe crisis, and help her in this will be her butler and a secret at the highest level Agent X.

  • Original title: Agent X
  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Cast: Jeff Hephner, Sharon Stone, Carolyn Stotesbery 
  • Release Date: September 2015 
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
Pretty good show in the style of James Bond, but certainly not as colorful and exciting. One against all enemies of the state, always in the shade.

Sharon Stone starring simply gorgeous. She fits the second post of the political person in the country ...

The assistant gave her a nice shirt-Man, with great fighting qualities and thinking.

The rest of the characters somehow casually.

The series involves the inward policy. Officials inside and outside. Excellent speech from the podium and "opaque" intrigue beyond.

The plot is dynamic and constantly evolving. Hero of the show from different angles (the agent).

Stone show less, but with an emphasis on the mind and the shutter speed, a lot of the surviving humans.

And as always, there is an element of "draw" the History of America, everything that happens in our time.

Vice-President (Stone) - a person age, the agent of black artist work. Intrigue in the show enough, it was not boring.

Good show for fans of martial arts, explosions and intrigue.
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Agent X (season 1) 2015
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Actors: Вин дизель, Том Круз, Ребекка Фергюссон, Дуэйн Джонсон, Пол Уокер Джордана Брюстер, Тайрез Гибсон
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