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Agents of SHIELD (season 3)


22 episodes

TV series Agents of SHIELD season 3 download

Download Agents of SHIELD season 3 - an American adventurous series about a fictional spy and peacekeeping agency located in the world of superheroes and different supernatural phenomena. The center of the series is the character of Phil Coulson, who gathers a team of SHIELD agents. "SHIELD" - a very unusual organizations.The main task of it is to find people with super powers. As we find out later, world is full of such human beings. In addition, employees of the organization are inquiring paranormal phenomena. Their task is to deal with a variety of extraordinary cases and furious enemies. The first season focuses on the case of Project Centipede. Eventually it is uncovered that organization Hydra backs this project and managed to infiltrate SHIELD. The second season tells the story of SHIELD destruction, but the team tries hard to restore trust from public and government dealing with Hydra and people with supernatural abilities called Inhumans. Certainly, the season 3 will be unpredictable, exciting, full of secrets and mysteries story that valiant agents will have to investigate, even if it will cost their own lives. Plus, spectators as always await to see the best special effects of highest quality. 

  • Original title: Agents of Shield season 3
  • Cast: Clark Gregg, MingNa Wen, Iain De Caestcker, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstrdge 
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Taglines: Not All Heroes Are Super
  • Runtime: 44 min
The main advantage of the third season of "agents" was its drive, an obvious contrast to, for example, with a second season of "Flash". While competing superhero series only did that artificially inhibited the action to stretch a villain for the whole season, "agents" all season rushed forward. During this time they have changed several major villains, all of these characters were linked to complex and whole narrative. Another thing that comics tradition, the whole story will eventually boiled down to save the world from the deadly, but very stupid and primitive threats. But the story turned out very end of a very unusual and unexpectedly poetic.
You also need to highlight the fifth series, is almost entirely dedicated to staying Simmons on a distant planet (fantastic show useful periodic visits to the space!), Traditionally talented staging fights (in one of the final episodes Daisy was especially memorable melee with superpowers), constant readiness diluted pompous seriousness witty jokes ... and, of course, already mentioned charisma Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, along with the charm of most of their colleagues.
Once again, that this is not a perfect show with obvious problems, and the third season was not as exciting and intriguing as the second. Yet "Agents" Now, perhaps, the best of all current superhero TV series, and can compete only with "Arrow".
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Agents of SHIELD (season 3)
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